Product Designer with 15 years of experience

I'm Míra Podorský, a UX and design expert, with deep knowledge of human behavior and a passion for crafting user experiences that truly resonate with humans.

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Here's what I bring to the table:

An approach that blends psychology, sociology, and technical expertise with human-centered design principles. 🧠

An ability to research and deconstruct user mindsets and map out expectations, ensuring products meet their actual needs. 🔍

Strong collaboration skills, working effectively with development, science, support, and product teams, often directly alongside CEOs and founders. 🤝

I build 0-1 products. I’m a big picture thinker, who takes big problems and deliver clear, compelling, and creative proposals for how to solve them.

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Case studies

animation product designer
More case studies on human-computer interaction are available upon request.

Let me know how you torment your computers and what frustrates your humans.

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How is the collaboration with me?


“Míra's attention to detail and design thinking skills are truly remarkable, making him a valuable asset to any team.”

Nikola Frollová

Behavioral Scientist & Psychologist

“Míra is a user obsessed versatile product designer. His incredibly quick workflow allows him to prototype on the go on customer calls, or during the design review.”

Samuel Nvota
Head of Product

“Structured, skilled & focused, with friendly personality and opened mind. Kind heart makes Mira good team player. Meet with him, you’ll quickly understand what I’m writing about.”

Nikolaj Mokrý
Product and Service Designer
“It’s been a great privilege working with such a talented person as Míra is. He’s always asking the right questions and coming up with solutions to problems based on his in-depth knowledge of the subject, the business challenge & consumer behavior.”
Lucie Bajgart
Senior Brand and Product Designer
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