Work history

When avast! Antivirus used to be a small company (~70 employees), I was there. I worked as a UI developer. Then I worked at Czech T-Mobile, as a Online specialist, responsible for most of the campaign websites and communication on the Internet. Then I got freelance. Since then I've worked with many startups, medium and big-sized companies and corporations. Including Bell & Hurry, Nedbank, ISIC, SingleCase and lots of others.

Tools I'm using

For forming ideas I use Sketch. When it comes to presentation, I choose between InVision, Marvel, Sketch Cloud and screen sharing. I'm fine with Zeplin and Framer too. When comes to user testing, I'm fine with just camera, OBS and few wires. The simplest solutions tends to be the best. I develop mostly using Xcode, Coda and when necessary, Terminal. I work on macOS, but I'm a huge fan of multiple Linux distros.

Skills I possess

On every project is necessary to listen what people are saying and ask the right questions. I know how to present and explain the ideas. Thanks to my experience with both dev and marketing, I can understand both sides. With the big ones, I can cooperate on business specifications. With the small ones, I can help with the product validation. On UX standpoint, I'm fluent with most areas that the field offers, except the UI and visual design.

It's not an easy task to present UX designers' work

The UX work is the process; presenting outcome in form of images creates the lost in translation problem. But when the Portfolio section is removed, people keep asking Where are the images?. So, here we are.

I have 8+ years of experience

I'm used to work for companies operating in different fields and environments, I can adapt quickly. I worked on fulltime in avast Antivirus and T-Mobile. I worked externally with many different startups and single entrepreneurs, corporations and banks, and digital agencies.

I've worked with:







What people say about working with me

Mira is able to deliver delightful service and secure the whole product cycle. Truly a T-shaped professional with big attention to small details. Strong in UI/UX, business oriented, with a valuable engineering background.

Jan Habich
Product Manager

Míra is always asking the right questions and coming up with solutions to problems based on his in-depth knowledge of the subject, the business challenge & consumer behavior. He always pushed our work further. Great guy to work with.

Lucie Bajgart
Lead Designer

Míra is a great partner for working together. I highly appreciate his versatility. I remember his sense for detail, ability to improvise and reliability. I fully recommend him for choosing him as a freelancer or as a member of your team.

Petr Kozlík
Product Designer at Czech TV

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