UX & Product Designer

I care about real problems, needs of the users and customers, the human experience, context, and meeting business goals.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

- Albert Einstein

My skillset


Objective-C Wordpress Bootstrap HTML / CSS Javascript Ruby on Rails Linux-based operating systems


Sketch Photoshop Premiere UXPin InVision Xcode Mac OS Terminal Coda Keynote

Creative / Analytics

Prototyping Wireframing UX Research In-depth interviews Human-centered design Design thinking Value-proposition canvas Value creation

I have 7+ years of experience

I'm used to work for companies operating in different fields and environments, I can adapt quickly. I worked on fulltime in avast Antivirus and T-Mobile. I worked externally with many different digital agencies, startups and single entrepreneurs.


Startups I have worked with


Agencies I have worked with

I can cooperate with dev teams

if ([yourCompany hasDevTeam]) {
[yourCompany lookForUXDesigner:YES completionHandler: ^(NSDesigner *designer, NSError *error) {
if (designer != nil) {
if ([designer canCode]) {
// yaay!
} else {
[yourCompany mailto:@"[email protected]"];
// is not nil and can code too

} else {
// send me your note anyway

I am entrepreneur

I've built and launched multiple own projects, including a t-shirt brand, multiple Mac and iOS apps, or theatre festival. I use side projects as a sandbox, a playground for trying new things. I've even made it to ProductHunt.


Users gained


Apps launched

Where do we go from here?