Nedbank private wealth mobile and web app.

Designing an app for private wealth clients from 0 to 1. I was part of this project for almost 3 years.

Ranked in the top four wealth management apps globally


Limited digital communication between the clients and their bankers. Clear need to create an online environment to administer the clients’ private wealth, including investments, deposits, and real property - a digital communication channel that would eliminate the necessity to address private wealth issues and money handling only with a designated banker.


Research was conducted in South Africa. Through moderated interviews and concept testing, I mapped the clients’ needs. The larger portion of the process was then devoted to servicing and growing functionality (scaling up), in order to cover most or all of responsibilities of a private wealth banker - within a mobile app. The private wealth segment requires a highly personalized approach and above-standard level of care that had to be reflected both in mobile and web applications.


The initial app was further scaled and tested. Since the solution was supposed to cover investments, deposits, and real property, it was necessary to divide the scope into very small pieces.


An award-winning app with highly loyal users.

Sketches & Results

Images illustrating the process, artifacts and outcomes.

Expanded dashboard with all assets.
Conversations with private banker.
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