SingleCase is a tool for lawyers and law-related companies. It makes easy to track documents, activities, tasks, terms, invoices, and mail for each law case.

It combines features which are contained in tools like Dropbox, Basecamp, invoice apps, and time tracking apps, but without use of these services. These features are connected to each other so it’s possible to - for example - track time that’s been spent on a certain document by a certain employee and then directly invoice it to the client.

I did in-depth interviews with law companies decision makers which I split into two groups - those who are using SingleCase and those who are not. Thanks to that I could see and compare perceptions of using such a complex tool when the law company had been only using papers, Excel, Word, and some even sharing a hard drive.

My job: UX research, in-depth interviews, synthesis, improvements of usability, and conceptual UI improvements of the front-end & the product website.

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